“Tantalizing the palate with food and love”

That is and will always be the philosophy of Damion throughout his culinary journey.  Born in year of  Hurricane Gilbert,  Damion has come to love and appreciate the art of fine cuisine.  His great appreciation started at a young age not by being hands-on but by watching the food network channel.  “It was the highlight of the weekend for me and my siblings to watch Iron chef each week” It was that creativity, drive, and passion that lead Damion into this now-growing field in Jamaica.

After a four-year tenure at UTECH Damion spent the better part of two years overseas where he honed his culinary skills.  He worked at several restaurants in the States as he wanted to garner as much experience as he could before returning home to Jamaica. 

He is currently the Sous Chef (In charge of all kitchen operations) for CPJ in Kingston.  He has helped to diversify the menu offerings at both CRU and the CPJ Deli.   One of his greatest achievements to date was ‘rubbing shoulders’  with one of the all-time best chefs in the world –  Emeril Lagasse.

Highlighted Dishes

Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna Salad – Chef Damion Stewart
Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp



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