Jamaican Guinep Juice

By: Chef Noel Cunningham

Who doesn’t love a fruity cooler? That’s just what this featured Jamaican Drink offers up. This Jamaican Guinep Juice is not only refreshing and tasty but very healthy. The fruit is full of:

  • Fibre for lowering cholesterol and preventing constipation,
  • Vitamin A that boosts your immune system and prevents formation of urinary stones
  • Vitamin C which is very important as a great antioxidant.

Here’s how to make it in the comfort of your own home!


  • Guineps (as many as needed – the more guinep you use the better the flavour)
  • 1 inch piece ginger, blended and strained
  •  Sugar
  • 1 litre water
  • 1 lime, juiced


  • Remove the guinep skin and place the fruit into a medium bowl.
  • In a medium pot bring water to a boil then pour over guinep and leave for 20 minutes or until cool
  • Make sure your hands are very clean, then get in their and rub the pulp from the seeds .
  • Massage all those fruits to get the flesh release in the water to let lose there juices. Then strained mixture add juice from one lime, sweetened to taste.


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