The youngest chef to rise to the executive position in Jamaica, Mark Cole has been one of Jamaica’s premier chefs for the past 20 years, revolutionizing Jamaica’s cuisine and practice of the culinary arts. Having gotten his start at Grand Lido Sans Souci, Cole quickly rose through the ranks to take the 5-star restaurant at the prestigious hotel at the helm before moving on to Boscobel Beach Hotel as a Senior Sous Chef, and later, Executive Sous Chef.

During these years, he made a name for himself by entering, and winning, various culinary competitions in various categories, never getting less than a Silver medal in any. Moving on to Super Clubs, he continued to make his mark as the Executive Chef presiding over Breezes, Hedonism III and Rooms On The Beach hotels, injecting life and flavor into the culinary offerings of the franchise. He continued to participate in local competitions and even took a place on Jamaica’s National Culinary Team competing in the renowned Taste of the Caribbean competition for 3 years, paving the way for many future successes for the country in the international competition.

His focus is now on his position as the executive chef for Kingston’s premier hotel, the Jamaica Pegasus, where he brings his culinary knowledge and expertise to Kingston’s top clients and all state and government catering functions, all while holding a chair on the board of the Culinary Federation of Jamaica, where he continues to take a hand in developing young culinary talents with his culinary experience gained at yard and abroad.



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