Executive Chef Steve Sowa has been in the culinary  profession for over 39 years having worked in England, Guernsey, Bahamas, Barbados, Mauritius, Ghana, Turks and Caicos, and Jamaica. Now in Jamaica for  18 years and a Jamaican citizen he has been involved in culinary associations,  competitions, and training for most of those years.

He has travelled extensively throughout the Far East and counts
the cuisine of that region amongst his favorites. He is a garde-manger by profession and is highly skilled at carving ice, tallow & fruit, and vegetables. Steve has won  numerous medals and trophies from culinary competitions in England, Bahamas,  Mauritius, U.S.A., and Jamaica

Notable Dates in Chef Sowa’s Career

  • 1981 Bahamas, founder/treasurer of Bahamas Culinary Association
  • 1987 Mauritius, founder/ treasurer of Les Cuisiniers Mauriciennes
  • 1996 Jamaica, treasurer of Les Toques Blanches from 1996 to 2004
  • 1998 Jamaica, member of  Jamaica National Culinary Team (Gold Medal)
  • 1999 Jamaica, Coach/Manager of Jamaica National Culinary Team (Gold Medal)
  • 2003 Chef of the Year 1st  annual Sandals and Beaches culinary competition
  • 2003 Cooked live on the “Today Show” with Al Roker, New York
  • 2007 founder vice president  of the Culinary Federation of Jamaica
  • 2009 Coach/Manager of Jamaica National Culinary Team (Gold Medal)
  • 2010 Coach/Manager of Jamaica National Culinary Team (Bronze Medal)
  • 2011 Coach/Manager of Jamaica National Culinary Team (Gold Medal)
  • 2012 Observer Chef of the Year, Jamaica
  • 2013 Observer Master Chef of the Year, Jamaica



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