Meet Executive Culinary Artist Oji Ashebre Jaja

With over 16 years in the business of Culinary arts, Jaja has received acclaim as being diverse, skillful and one of  Jamaica’s most sought after chefs, catering to a cadre of famous international celebrities, actors and   government officials.

As one of his projects, Chef Jaja has authored a book titled  ‘Modern Caribbean Cuisine by Ashebre: A Delectable Treat For The Discerning  Palate’.

 The word Ashebre is West African in origin and means “the  artist”.

Chef Jaja  plans to revolutionize the way Caribbean people see  food. He believes that Caribbean, and in particular Jamaican Cuisine have the  potential to be developed and truly make their mark internationally.

Highlighted Dishes

Pan-seared Salmon Filet, Roasted Beets and Sauteed Sweet Potatoes
Ackee and Kidney Bean Ragout
Seafood Ceviche, Fried Breadfruit and a Green Salad



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