Meet Executive Pastry Chef Anthony Walters

Anthony J. Walters, born August 1978, in the parish of St. Ann grew up with a steady family and a mom who was the best cook he knew in my childhood, she taught him how to make himself useful in the kitchen and other ways at an early age.  He grew up doing something different but with similar principles –  industrial arts professionally. For a time he moved back and forth in and out of the kitchen in his late teen years.

He is driven to do things he loves, such as; making stuff from just about anything – food art, sculptures, sketching, and telling others what he has discovered.

Chef Walters has worked in the tourism industry for over 15 years working with some of Jamaica’s best talents, and gaining the way of the culinary world, through; chopping, dicing, whipping, and tasting, just to name a few…

His aim is to highlight the diversity of Jamaican and international cuisines, with the use of Jamaica’s impeccable ingredients and Jamaican Talent.

Chef Walters’ love for food and its sciences has taken him closer to the smoke of a well-treated piece of jerk pork, the aromas of a freshly seared piece of lamb roast, not to mention the flavor profiles, texture profiles, colors, and succulent textures of global cuisines,

He started savory dishes, and then moved into the art of pastry and its sciences & continued his education after graduating high school at the heart academy where he did some part-time studies as a commis chef. then from there on to a few workshops, enhancing my experience in tourism relations. In his quest for more professional knowledge and development, he attended the Culinary Institute of America (C.I.A) where he studied and received certifications as a professional chef. Chef Walters is currently pursuing a science degree in culinary arts in the hope that this will assist him in achieving his ultimate goal.

Highlight Dishes

Guava Cheesecake with Sage Coulis
Chocolate Rum Pudding
Red Velvet Cake with Coffee Cheese Filling



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