Meet Jamaican Mixologist Ryan Mitto – ‘The Liquid Chef’

Ryan Mitto is a proud Jamaican Bartender and Mixologist who likes to think of himself as a Liquid Chef.

A past student and valedictorian of the Red Stripe Diageo Learning for Life Project Bartender in 2011. He has earned several awards and accolades and has also competed at two World Finals after achieving the titles of The Appleton Estate Bartending champion for Jamaica as well as the regional title for the country and the Caribbean in 2012.

He has worked at a number of events, serving from the Governor General to various Superstars such as Puff Daddy, Usher, and Shaggy just to name a few.  From the experience and knowledge he has gained in the industry, giving back to the greater community by imparting this knowledge of the art of bar-tending to individuals all around the Island has always been at the forefront of his mind.

But the genesis of his journey into Mixology, lead him to pursue another passion as a Mechanic fixing cars at a Seafood Restaurant and bar called “The Reef” where he would occasionally fill in as a bartender, and from there made the transition from ‘fixing to mixing’ and he has not looked back since.  

He enjoys the satisfaction of being in the Hospitality Industry and placing service above himself and has created several signature cocktails for various clients and companies. Specializing in the art of cocktail making, however, he prefers to replicate classic cocktails which seem to stand the test of time and are recognized across the world and bartending landscape.


A professional mixologist is someone who sees the client’s tongue as an alcoholic canvas, with this in mind, he/she tries to stimulate the client’s pallet with delicately crafted yet perfectly balanced cocktails that one can enjoy.



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