Meet Patrice Wilson-McHugh – Jamaica’s 1st Master Mixologist

Mrs. Patrice Wilson-McHugh, Jamaica’s first Master Mixologist was born on July 24, 1979. She’s an Entrepreneur and a proud mother of her nine-year-old daughter.

Patrice Wilson-McHugh brings a distinctive appreciation to the modern-art of cocktail design, beverage programs, brand ambassadorship, spirits education, cocktail catering and event execution. Highly knowledgeable about the composition of alcoholic drinks and possesses advanced bartending skills. Mrs. Wilson-McHugh shines in experimenting with a wide range of beverages to find tomorrow’s classics and introduce them to an increasingly sophisticated


Patrice Wilson-McHugh is known for ‘wowing’ the audience after creating an amazingly good signature cocktail. Her work is more than just making drinks. It’s crafting cocktails. She understands that there are no new drinks, but new ingredients. With this knowledge, Mrs. Wilson-McHugh can create a drink tailored to your needs, on the spot. Rather than putting ingredients together and hoping it will work, she will know exactly what to make. She understands how important balance is and will craft amazingly, well-balanced cocktails. 

With selecting the best fresh ingredients and making the same great balanced cocktails over and over again, Patrice takes into serious consideration precision and consistency (measure). Passion is what drives Patrice Wilson-McHugh – constantly discovering old and new drinks which inspires her to create more cocktails. The boundaries are limitless… 

As a mixologist, Mrs. Wilson-McHugh specializes in the creation of new and exciting drink combinations; educating internal sales representatives and distributors on brands and on the spirit categories, and ultimately bring higher reviews and a larger clientele. As your mixologist, her mission is to give clients and their brand and customers, the cocktail experience of their life!  

  • Patrice Wilson-McHugh is a Certified Spirits Specialist and Certified Hospitality Educator 
  • Mrs.McHugh’s work is sought after and was deemed to be among The World’s Greatest  mixologists. She was the only individual from the Caribbean region that was asked to submit a drink recipe to the Don Julio’s Luxury Drop book. Her contribution was the “Reposado Lightning”, paying homage to the Jamaican native, Usain Bolt-the world’s fastest man. 



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