Meet Wynton Hudson – Professional Mixologist and Bartender

By: Team Pop Up Gourmet Jamaica

Wynton Hudson is a professional bartender/ mixologist with a knack for flair tending. Educated at Boston College, Hudson has since found a sincere passion for the service industry. He is regarded as the best bartender in Jamaica by his peers and by the leading proprietors in the industry. Wynton is self-taught and has been bartending for about 6 years.

He has held such positions as bar-back/waiter, head bartender, bar manager, bar consultant, freelance mixologist, and bar service trainer over the years. Wynton loves what he does behind the bar; “the smiles and kudos I receive for making great cocktails and providing top-tier service never get old to me. In the words of one of my favourite singers, Sam Smith, “I do it for the love”.


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